What happens with your child at this age?

  • Child is developing, he’s learning things about his body, to be proud of it.
  • Touching creates feelings. Child notices it, he wants to feel good.
  • Emotionally child feels happiness, but his feelings can rapidly shift from pure happiness to anger.
  • In the beginning he’s interested in the people he knows, people that surround him but later child develops an interest in the rest of the world, especially in other children. Sometimes he can be shy.
  • Wants to be accepted.
  • Learns to understand the language, develops it slowly.
  • Child has rights to explore and to play, to show emotions and to feel safe.

What could your child ask or do?

  • Each part of the body is interesting, child is using his hands and mouth to explore different parts of it.
  • Likes to be naked and to touch himself. It can happen that a child id touching his genitals, maybe even notices a nice feeling.
  • Child is smiling, crying, screaming, notices reactions of other people depending on his behaviour. Learns what’s acceptable and what’s not. Wants to be admired.
  • Explores, watches, explores new environment, sometimes wants to be in a well-known and safe environment, in a lap, for example.
  • Learns to remember different feelings in his body, pain, for example.
  • Learns with the help of touch. That’s why he freely touches everything.

What should be done to support your child?

  • Hold him, stroke him to make him feel relaxed. Teach him that body is good. Use images to teach him different parts of body and names of them.
  • Use positive and appropriate language when you talk to your child: “Those are your genitals. It’s all right. We’ll clean you now, ok?”
  • Show him that it is good to be curious.
  • Be accessible, support your child, love him. Show him affection.
  • Teach your child that there are different types of people. Tell him how stroking or hurting other people make them feel. Peacefully teach him that emotions are good but you can’t hurt others.
  • Start teaching him to understand the word “no”.