When losing your virginity (first time having sex), it can also be without bleeding and pain. There’s several things it depends on.

First, who are you having the first time with? What kind of a relationship exist between you two? If it’s loving and nice relationship, both partners know each other well enough to know what the other one likes, so there can be little or no pain and bleeding. It’s important that you feel safe with your partner, then it’s possible to have a very enjoyable first time.

 It’s also important where you’re having your fist time. If both of you don’t feel comfortable and safe then sex won’t be as good as you would want.

Both girl’s and guy’s feelings are highly under the impact of using safe contraception because if there’s the fear of getting pregnant then the worrying part will be bigger than the nice emotions.

And, of course, girl’s genitals can impact the bleeding and pain. When a girl is a virgin, the entry to the vagina is covered by a thin membrane called hymen. It has an opening that lets the menstrual blood get out during your period. Hymen is quite stretchy and first time when it gets really stretched the feeling might not be pleasant. But if your partner is loving and the foreplay has been long enough, the girl is aroused so the unpleasant feeling may disappear or not be there at all. Besides, nowadays lots of girls use tampons, which is why hymen gets stretched so there might be no bleeding and pain during the first time. There are some girls that are born without a hymen.

First time is an exciting thing to happen un every person’s life that’s why it is important to think about it – with whom, how, where and why? Definitely think about contraception because you can get pregnant during the first time as well.