Masturbation or self-pleasuring is a natural way to get to know your own body, to learn and understand what kind of things you like/dislike. Masturbation doesn’t leave any negative impact on your future sex life if you, of course, see it as natural and acceptable and if it’s not your only hobby. Masturbation can actually help in reducing stress which can appear if you don’t have the possibility to have an actual intercourse. For example, at an age of a teenager when the person isn’t yet ready for a sexual relationship.

The main thing is to understand that masturbation isn’t unnatural, it’s the person’s own choice – to do it or not.

However, there’s cases when masturbation becomes an addiction. It’s just like with any other thing that one can do too much and too often. If you think that you’re doing too much (it creates problems in your every day life, studies, work, you only think about it), then it’s better to look for a psychologist’s help.