“How can you not get pregnant?” asks your eleven-year-old son.

It is not likely that a question like that will be asked by a younger child. But it may be that children have heard jokes about condoms in school. As with any question, it is important to find out why this question is bothering your child. You don’t have to say a lot about it but be opened.

“People use contraception. There are different types of it but if a man wears a condom it can protect both from diseases and getting pregnant.”

“You know how babies are made? It is possible to stop a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg from meeting. There are many possibilities. For example, a pill that a woman can get after seeing a doctor. She has to take it every day, she can’t forget it. There are also condoms that a man can use. It covers his penis and keeps the seed there. It is from plastic and is similar to a balloon. I’ll show you one!”