Orgasm is the higher point of sexual pleasure, each individual can experience it a little bit different. The existence and intensity of orgasm depends on many factors – how well do you know your partner, how well do you feel each other, the environment, the experience of both persons, as well as your ability to put other problems away.

It is a lot easier to reach orgasm if both partners are loving and understanding, if the couple does not feel any shame or shyness from each other and from being naked. One of the most important things is to remember about contraception – if the couple has thought about it, then there’s no fear about getting pregnant and no fear about diseases which can often create unnecessary stress leading to less pleasurable sex.

To have wholesome sexual experience, it is important to talk to your partner, to tell your expectations and fears, to choose place and time when both partners would feel good and safe… And definitely would not try to reach orgasm! It’s a paradox but it is a lot easier to reach orgasm when you don’t think about it like with many other things. If the couple learns to enjoy sex as a process and isn’t trying to just reach the orgasm, it all becomes more pleasurable and better. In any case – it takes time to learn it, especially when the partners are young.

One of the most common problems is that there are many prejudices about how the orgasm must be when in reality there are no right or wrong feelings – don’t  try to reach sensations that are describes in a book as every person can experience pleasure and orgasm in different ways, with different feelings. You should judge only your own feelings – to feel good, to feel the pleasure, to want more… Just let yourself feel!