Association „Papardes zieds”

„Papardes zieds” – Latvia’s association for family planning and sexual health – has been working for more than fifteen years. We can afford to call ourselves reproductive health experts.

We have participated in drawing the Reproductive health law. We have also been involved in creating educational policies. We know that reproductive health issues are still a taboo topic in communication.

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve that people would understand (public understanding) that sexual and reproductive health issues are as important as (issues of) education and health in general. We work to fulfil sexual and reproductive rights of each individual. We work that everybody has access to quality services and that everybody can make informed choices.

We work in the following directions:

  • Adolescents– recognizing harta the needs and rights of young people remain a central and unresolved issue in all matters related to SRH and recognizing that the RH of young people requires a specific approach;
  • HIV/ AIDS and STI- responding to the epidemic, preventing HIV and supporting the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS as a key aspect of sexual health leģenda;
  • Access– continuing to work for ensuring that the SRH services are more accessible to all, especially, the vulnerable, marginal and socially excluded;
  • Abortion– protecting and promoting every woman’s right to legal and safe abortion; promoting safe contraception use to decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions;
  • Advocacy– lobbying for political, public and financial support for SRHR in all aspects.

Main activities

Association „ Papardes zieds” implements 12 – 15 projects every year in co-operation with state and municipal institutions, international organizations and private sector.

Youth health and education centre provides health prevention and education services for young people. The centre offers peer education programs, on-line consultations and educational materials. Young people have a possibility to become volunteers at „Papardes zieds” and make decisions on issues important for themselves and their peers.

The training centre offers training programs on issues of sexual and reproductive health for specialists/ professionals and parents.