Peer pressure means that your friends or your partner makes you feel like you should do things that you don’t really want to or you’re not ready to do yet.

For example, some may make you feel as if you should have lost your virginity or that you should have slept with your partner after a couple of dates. Remember that sex only to keep your boyfriend/girlfriend or to make him/her feel happy is not good enough of a reason to actually do it.

Sex means a lot to everyone – even those who act very confident about it. You need it only when you’re ready for that, when you’re with someone you respect and trust.

Losing virginity or sex for the first time with a new partner can be a very pleasant experience, something to look back with a smile. But if you have sex when you’re not ready you might regret it later, when it’s too late. Don’t think about things that your friends expect from you – don’t give in to peer pressure. Think about what you want, and think as long as you need to, until you’re ready to make the big decision. If you’re not sure about it then most probably you’re not ready. It’s not smart to rush with this decision if you’re not completely sure. If you’re still thinking then don’t rush, think about possible contraception and other things to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

At some point in their lives most people feel peer pressure, that’s why it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one. Just think about the possible consequences of sex, about why you want to wait – it will help you feel more satisfied with yourself, more confident about the fact that it was your own decision.

It may be hard to resist peer pressure, it may be hard to stand on your own ground, to keep believing in what you believe. But it’s also very possible that it will make you feel a lot better once you realise that you haven’t rushed anything by doing a thing you’re not sure about. In the end – it’s also a way to make others respect you.