1.  First thing to do is to calm down and not overreact without a reason. Period can be late because of many things, one of which is stress. The more worried you get, the more your period will be late. Feeling nauseous isn’t a real indicator as well as it may be caused by stress.

2.  If 10 days have passed after the unprotected intercourse, you can make a pregnancy test. You can buy it in any pharmacy without a prescription. You can believe in the result if it’s the same after making the test twice with a couple of days in between. Only a gynaecologist can give you a 100% sure answer.

3.  If the test is negative, think about your chosen contraception method. Is it the safest? Maybe (if these situations happen more than once) it’s worth to think about another method?

4.  If the test is positive, definitely and as soon as possible go to a gynaecologist to decide what to do next. In Latvia it’s possible to have abortion till 12th week of pregnancy. Till that time you also have to enrol the pregnancy register. It’s important not to forget that pregnancy won’t disappear by itself and ignoring it won’t help.

5.  Gynaecologist will talk to you, run analysis and, if you decide, he’ll send you to have the abortion. In average it costs 120–150 euro.

6.  If you’re not 16 yet, then you’ll need your parents permit. Of course, it may be hard to ask them for it but your parents can be the best support. If your parents don’t agree, but you still want to have abortion, you have to fill a request in your closest orphan’s court.

7.  If you want to keep the baby but can’t afford it because of economic reasons, you can search for help. You can call to crisis centre “Skalbes” (+371 67222922, +371 27722292) or to resource centre for women “Marta” (+371 80002012), the professionals there will help you to find a solution.

8.  If you feel emotionally bad, you’re having doubts about what to do, call crisis centre “Skalbes” to 67222922, you can talk with a psychologist or find out where to talk to one in person. Talking with close people to you help as well – tour friend, baby’s father or your parents. The most important thing is that the decision you make is the one you won’t regret.

9.  There’s always a risk to have some problems after abortion but if you are healthy and so it in a trustworthy hospital then the complication risk is reduced to the minimum. First you have to talk to a gynaecologist – tell him honestly all about your health so that the possible risks would be known before and to prevent them.

10.  After the abortion talk to your doctor about all the unclear questions you have! For example, about the most suitable contraception for you, because it’s important not to repeat the same situation. Remember – repeated pregnancy can occur right after abortion!

11.  It is very advised to go and see doctor 1 or 2 weeks after the abortion to make sure that everything is good. You can start having intercourses 2–3 weeks after abortion.

12.  Every woman can feel emotionally bad after abortion, you can have the feeling of emptiness, guilt. Talk about these things with a person you trust, it helps getting over the sadness. Sometimes a psychologist can help.