“What does abortion mean?” asks your ten-year-old.

This isn’t a question that a very young child will ask you. But an older child could have heard about abortion on television, radio, internet and other media, so he could already realise there’s very different attitudes towards it. You have to understand your own attitude which is based on your moral and values. Don’t make it overly complicated! You can consult with healthcare specialists or school staff.

“Sometimes a woman decides she doesn’t want to have a baby at the moment she gets to know she’s pregnant. Sometimes it can happen that the baby makes woman sick or that the baby is sick himself. That’s why a woman goes to a hospital to end her pregnancy.”

“To have an abortion means to remove the baby from woman’s tummy but not let him live. Me and your mother don’t support it because we think that from the moment the baby is in the tummy, you have to let him live.”

“If a woman is pregnant there can still be reasons why she can’t keep the baby. Operation that’s done to stop pregnancy is called abortion.